ie photo. Part 2.

S & A: - Hello, Vicki ! You can say a few words about yourself ??

Vicki Thompson: - I am a photographer for a small business newspaper in the Silicon Valley called the Silicon Valley Business Journal , I wasn't working the night of the concert. I have been shooting professionally for 12 years. I went to San Jose State and Majored in photojournalism.


- When this photo was taken ??

- This photo was taken at the U2 concert in San Jose, Ca. at the SAP center on May 19 2015. I was in a box seat at the top of the arena.

- This is a "staging frame" or spontaneous ?? Do you know a man who in front of you ??

- This was not staged and I did not know the guy, he just started making that heart shape with his hands while U2 played "One" so I grabbed my Sony RX100 which is a pocket camera and was the only one I brought to the concert and took one frame and that was it. It bluetooth connects to my iPhone so I uploaded the photo and ran it through after light and Snapseed and posted it before the next song.

- Which of your photo from the last gigs most favorite ?? For you personally.

- I recently shot my nieces wedding which I loved, I love taking pictures that mean something to people. Photos that they will cherish for years to come those are special. I take decent photo's all the time but when everything comes together and I take a good photo and it has heart and all the technical aspects are there thats when I I really know I have something special.

- Thank you very much, Vicki !

- Thanks for your interest.

Vicki Thompson