Elvis Presley and America

Another version of the lyrics

Friends, friends in the moonlight
Tenderly on my eyes
Pray flesh come for all night
Tell you he's king
And I believe in you
And I believe in you

Then he sees the sky
And he turn it aside from view
See I turn my back
And I know he is in through
You know the sky is turning blue
And your heart so cold when I'm with you
You feel like knowing two and two
And your time is aside
And you're tired

Oh don't talk to me
Oh don't talk to me
Don't talk to me

You know liked no-one told you how
But you know oh well you know how is how
And I feel like sentimental
But you don't care
But you share it in your heart-heart
Hopelessly, so hopelessly I'm breaking
Through you and me

Although no-one told you to and you found out
Well you were going with two
You're through with me but I know
That you'll be back for more

You know I don't know what I am trying to say
And you know the sky is like a house of blue
And you are you are truly gone

You know the outside tries to fade away
Drop me down but don't bring me into sing
Oh sing and sigh, sing your highness
Oh sing in style sing your heart
The way parts love is in your side walking free
Sing it in your heart inside something is

Love sing pain and sad and leaves I
So sing and stay in your world beside
Oh sing and stay in your world beside
Oh sing sing no more we say

I know no-one told you how
You're white now
You cared and no-one told you try
And your heart is left out from the sight
In the rain deep sky
And the same go I
And this rain keeps coming down
And you smile
You are you are the joys in God
Him always so king you are
Him always so king oh Lord
Him always so lot of able

You know I know your lying sold your sky
And you feel like you feel bricks in your care
And you say, go you live, oh you know how to feel
Don't you leave, don't leave us hurting here
And I can feel, oh I can feel you more
Oh I can hold on love
Hey oh don't sweep the floor
And you pick me up
Bits and pieces on this floor